Final Project- Smart Parking

Project Information

Complete project details can be found from the links given below:

Poster Presentation of the Project

slide112The Application Process and Architecture of Smart Parking Application

The circuit connection is as shown in the following figure.



After the User logins to the website, Based on the location of the parking area, the number of available slots will be displayed, as shown in the following figure.


When the user reserves a slot, he will be redirected to a success page and one slot will be removed from the available slots. The result is as shown in the following figure.


The output for sensor code is as shown in the following figure.



This is the demonstration that I presented in the class.

Link to Software

I used  Microsoft Visual studio, an IDE from Microsoft which is used to develop programs as well as websites, web apps, web services and mobile apps. I used C# and .NET stack for programming in IDE. The code for creating the web application is in my GitHub account. The IDE looks as shown in the following figure.


To deploy and manage all my applications and services I used Microsoft Azure, which is a cloud computing service. It can create websites in PHP, ASP.NET, Node.js, or Python, or select from several open source applications from a gallery to deploy. This comprises one aspect of the platform as a service offering for the Microsoft Azure Platform.


The code for working with RFID & Distance sensor is placed in my GitHub account.


“Smart Parking” measures whether the parking slot is empty or filled by using a distance sensor that sends information to the servers that are deployed in the cloud (Azure) and the availability can be displayed through the web application using RESTful web services. The Security for this application is provided by using a RFID, which allows only the registered user to park the vehicle in the slot.

Future Work

I would like to enhance this project adding features like pre-booking a parking slot, dynamic pricing or adding payment methods for private parking areas, Informing towing company. I can use same sensors combining with Pi camera and buzzer for parking assist in the car. This would display the distance of car behind you and alerts you.

Personal Insight

This course has given me an opportunity to gain IOT Domain knowledge, where I didn’t know before that IOT is a big thing and world is moving to. I also deployed for the first time databases and web services into the cloud. And finally, I implemented a single application (web application) using different technology stack (Python, C#).



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